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September 15, 2005

Mallory Parson, Sr.
404 Circle Drive
Coushatta, LA 71019

Re: Ethics Board Docket No. 2004-921

Dear Mr. Parson:

The Louisiana Board of Ethics, acting in its capacity as the Supervisory Committee on Campaign Finance Disclosure, (the “Board”), after conducting a confidential investigation, finds that you violated provisions of the Campaign Finance Disclosure Act (the “Act”). The information obtained by the Board during the course of its investigation suggests the following:

Mallory Parson, Sr. was the successful candidate for Coushatta Town Council in the September 18, 2004 primary and the November 2, 2004 general elections. Mr. Parson submitted a 40-G campaign finance disclosure report on which he reported making expenditures for the purpose of "hauling voters to the poll" to the following individuals: Tracie Morris, Sheila Lewis, and Dorothy Demery. On February 2, 2005, Mr. Parson submitted an amendment to the 40-G report amending the purpose of the payments for "canvassing neighborhoods." Ms. Lewis and Ms. Demery stated that they did not transport voters to the polls, but they were paid to canvas neighborhoods and distribute campaign literature. The individuals were paid in cash for rendering such services.

Section 1505.2E of the Act prohibits cash payments from campaign funds for personal services. Failure to accurately report transactions related to a campaign results in a violation of Section 1505.1C of the Act.

Based on the facts as outlined above, the Board concludes that you violated Sections 1505.1C and 1505.2E of the Act. The Board further concludes that a $500 penalty, payable to the State Treasurer, should be imposed upon you for violating the Act.

By Order of the Board this 15th day of September, 2005.

s/Robert L. Roland s/Hank Perret
Robert L. Roland, Chairman Henry C. Perret, Jr., Vice-Chairman

s/John W. Greene s/Gwendolyn P. Hamilton
Judge John W. Greene Gwendolyn P. Hamilton

s/E. L. Guidry, Jr. s/R. L. Hargrove, Jr.
Judge E. L. Guidry, Jr. R. L. Hargrove, Jr.

s/Michael T. Johnson s/Michael J. Kantrow, Sr.
Michael T. Johnson Michael J. Kantrow, Sr.

Absent and did not participate. Absent and did not participate.
Joseph Maselli Ascension Delgado Smith

Absent and did not participate.
Dr. Dolores Spikes


The undersigned (a) stipulates to the facts found by the Board; (b) waives the procedural requirements contained in R.S. 18:1511.1 et seq.; (c) admits to the violation of R.S. 18:1505.2E and 18:1501.5C described above; (d) consents to the publication of this opinion; (e) agrees to comply with the conditions and orders set forth in this opinion; and (f) agrees not to seek judicial review of the findings and actions taken in this opinion.

s/Mallory Parson, Sr. 7/3/05
Mallory Parson, Sr. Date