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October 28, 1997

Gregory A. Lambert
1222 East Cornerview, Suite 8
Gonzales, LA 70737

RE: Ethics Board Docket No. 97-727

Dear Mr. Lambert:

The Board of Ethics, at its October 16, 1997 meeting, considered the proposed plan for implementing the exception contained in Section 1123(22) of the Code of Governmental Ethics submitted on behalf of the Town of Sorrento.

The Board concluded and instructed me to inform you that the proposed plan does not meet the requirements of the Rules for the Board of Ethics pertaining to Section 1123(22) of the Code (attached hereto) in that the plan fails to set forth specific due dates for the quarterly affidavits. Additionally, the Board is of the opinion that the exception contained in Section 1123(22) of the Code cannot be expanded to include immediate family members.

If the Town of Sorrento desires, it may revise the plan in accordance with the statutory and regulatory requirements discussed herein and resubmit the revised plan for the Board’s consideration.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.



Jennifer G. Magness
For the Board