CN 1996-293
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DATE: September 17, 1998 OPINION NO. CN: 96-293

RE: Charles Boyd, enforcement agent with the Office of Conservation

The Louisiana Board of Ethics, at its July 27, 1998 meeting, conducted a public hearing to explore charges that Charles Boyd had violated Section 1111C(2)(d) of the Code of Governmental Ethics by selling oilfield equipment to persons regulated by his agency. Upon conclusion of the public hearing, the Board concluded that no violation had occurred.
The evidence indicated that Mr. Boyd is an enforcement agent for the Department of Natural Resources, Office of Conservation, District 13 in Caddo Parish. As an enforcement agent for the Office of Conservation, Charles Boyd was required to inspect the wells in District 13 for compliance with relevant state laws and with department rules and regulations. Persons regulated by Mr. Boyd included J.G. Rivers, Hall Engineering, Inc., Greg Hall, Chiles Oilfield Supply, and Al Chiles, II.
Charles Boyd’s father, Troy Boyd, was formerly engaged in the sale of used oilfield equipment. On several occasions, when asked by persons he regulated if he knew where they could obtain certain pieces of equipment, Charles Boyd stated that his father might have the equipment. It is common practice in the oilfield business for persons to exchange information about where used equipment might be obtained.
Hall Engineering, Inc., J. G. Rivers, and Chiles Oilfield Supply purchased equipment from Troy Boyd. Charles Boyd conveyed the price quoted by his father on the items and delivered several of the pieces of equipment. The deliveries were always made on Saturday. Charles Boyd did not personally receive an economic benefit from the sales made by his father.
Accordingly, the Board, by a vote of five to three, concluded that no violation had occurred.
BY ORDER OF THE BOARD this 17th day of September 1998.
Did not vote Dissented -- s/ Harry Blumenthal Jr.
Robert L. Roland, Chairman Harry Blumenthal, Jr., Vice Chairman

Dissented -- s/ Robert Bareikis s/ Virgil Orr
Dr. Robert P. Bareikis Dr. Virgil Orr

Absent and did not participate s/ T. O. Perry, Jr.
Judge E. L. Guidry, Jr. T. O. Perry, Jr.

Absent and did not participate Dissented
Justice Revius O. Ortique, Jr. Ronald L. Sawyer

Absent and did not participate s/ Edwin O. Ware
Nathan J. Thornton, Jr. Edwin O. Ware

s/ carole Cotton Winn
Rev. Carole Cotton Winn