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July 26, 2010

Ms. Sandy Edmonds
Executive Assistant
Louisiana Auctioneers Licensing Board
5222 Summa Court, Suite 352
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70809

Re: Ethics Board Docket No. 2010-621

Dear Ms. Edmonds:

The Louisiana Board of Ethics, at its July 17, 2010 meeting, considered your request for an advisory opinion as to whether the members of the Louisiana Auctioneers Licensing Board may lobby in support or against pending legislation before the legislature or whether the members are limited to providing factual information.

The Board concluded, and instructed me to inform you, that LSA R.S. 24:56(F) prohibits a state employee in his official capacity or on behalf of his employer from lobbying for or against any matter intended to have the effect of law pending before the legislature or any committee thereof. LSA R.S. 24:56(F) does not prohibit the dissemination of factual information relative to any such matter or the use of public meeting rooms or meeting facilities available to all citizens to lobby for or against any such matter.

This advisory opinion is based solely on the facts as set forth herein. Changes to the facts as presented may result in a different application of the provisions of the Code of Ethics. The Board issues no opinion as to past conduct or as to laws other than the Code of Governmental Ethics. If you have any questions, please contact me at (800) 842-6630 or (225) 219-5600.



Tracy M. Barker
For the Board